Sunday, December 18, 2011

Most likely my last Christmas Cards this year

Yesterday I worked on a few more cards. But it is time to get them in the mail so I won't be doing many more Christmas cards.  Back to all occasion cards again.  But here are my last 2 cards.

The first one is really simple and is a 5 minute card made in under 5 minutes.  To see more of these kind of cards click here.

My next card took a little bit more time.  It is a HobbyDot card.  Very well known in Holland.  I have always like the looks of them but never done any.  I got some for my birthday this past year and finally got to use it.  Boy I have respect for the people using this method.  It took me at least 1 hour to make this card.  But here it is and I am quite pleased with it.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Christmas cards again

Some more of my Christmas cards.  As you can tell I have been working very hard to get them all done before Christmas this year.

This one I made for a friend at a card making afternoon with my friends.  I really liked the 'free' draw of the branch.

Another card using embossing folders .  I misted the paper with shimmery paint first before I embossed it.  I got the idea from Carol and her version can be found here.

More to come!

Christmas Again

Some more of my Christmas Cards I have been making for family and friends.

This idea I got from Nancy Y and you can find her version of this card here.

I did not use the letterpress method but just embossed the white background.

This is an another sample.

Let me know what you think.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Time for Christmas cards

I have been working on my Christmas cards and getting ideas from the internet.

The following 2 cards are from the new CD from Technique Junkies called 3D & Fun Fold.  The CD can be purchased here.

These are cards I made for my grandchildren.

Card for a boy - outside and inside

Card for a girl - outside and inside

Now on to making more Christmas cards.