Sunday, December 18, 2011

Most likely my last Christmas Cards this year

Yesterday I worked on a few more cards. But it is time to get them in the mail so I won't be doing many more Christmas cards.  Back to all occasion cards again.  But here are my last 2 cards.

The first one is really simple and is a 5 minute card made in under 5 minutes.  To see more of these kind of cards click here.

My next card took a little bit more time.  It is a HobbyDot card.  Very well known in Holland.  I have always like the looks of them but never done any.  I got some for my birthday this past year and finally got to use it.  Boy I have respect for the people using this method.  It took me at least 1 hour to make this card.  But here it is and I am quite pleased with it.


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  1. Wat zal Cock blij zijn met je kaart, ik vind hem zeer geslaagd Groet,Jeanne