Saturday, March 17, 2012

Speed Scrap

Last week I participated in a SpeedScrap contest by DHD (Design House Digital).  It was my first time so I did not know what I was getting into.  You start at the hour and you get a 'shopping list'.  This is a list of the items needed to do the speedscrap.  Then every 10 minutes you get partial instructions (in order) on how to use the shopping list items and put them on your page.  This is my end result.

I really enjoyed doing this and I learned lots.  I also learned that I am a visual learner and need some idea as to what the end product is suppose to look like.  Oh yes, after the first hour of instructions you get one more hour to finish your scrap and post it to the board.  Hence the word SpeedScrap.
This SpeedScrap is held every month so I know I will participate again in April and I am looking forward to it now that I know what it is all about.

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