Saturday, February 25, 2012

Load #24

Yes, yes I did do LOAD #24 yesterday but did not upload to my blog as yet so here is Load #24.  This time the prompt was Numbers and what they meant to me.  Well I think 3 is my lucky number.  In more ways then one but I only scrapped about one of my number 3s.  My sons.

I have discovered by doing these layouts that journaling is the hardest part of it all.  Not so much as what I want to say but what I should say.  Am I to journal and explain the pictures?  or should I journal and think about the subject(s) and not so much the pictures themselves?
Personally I feel that pictures speak for themselves.  May be explain as to who is in the photo and then write about the overall feeling of the layout.  Well I have 5 more layouts to do for this month and who knows I may have the answer by then.  Though I am leaning towards writing about the subject(s) not so much as to what is in the photo.

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