Sunday, February 12, 2012

No I did not forget

No I did not forget to post yesterday but my computer decided it was time for a rest so I turned it off and did not turn it on again until this morning. Which means I get to post 2 pages today instead of one.
First one is my School Days with lots of fun and fond memories.
I remembered my school well.  I remember so many things which happened during those years.  All in all a good time for memories again. 

Now for today's prompt - History Repeats Itself.  I could have done an easy one of my husband and one of my sons but these pages are about me and my memories from my youth so I had to find something different.  I discovered I do not have a lot in-common with my Mom so I decided to do our differences instead.  These are just some or our differences.

The pictures are of my Mom and me.  At birth and at my wedding day.
The text is as follows:
This is not so much about how my Mom and I were alike but more about how we differed.  I guess I was more like my Dad then my Mom.
My Mom wanted me to wear dresses 
I wanted to wear pants
My Mom loved shopping
I hate shopping
My Mom liked to have her hair done every week
I get my hair trimmed 2 times a year
My Mom liked the Motel/Hotel holidays
I like the camping holidays
My Mom liked birthday parties
I do not care much for birthday parties
My Mom used to smoke
I never smoked
My Mom did not get dressed until lunch (wore a housecoat until then)
I get dressed as soon as I get up
My Mom loved jewelry and felt naked without her earrings in.
I forget my jewelry most of the time.
As you can tell not a lot we had in common.

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